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Puf Supports Pics

Puf Supports Pics

# PUF Pipe Supports

Whilst insulating the pipes with conforming pipe sections,it is imperative to insulate the metallic supports of the pipeline. The endeavor is to prevent heat losses due to metal to metal contact of pipe line with supports.

Density of PUF support should be commensurating to the diameter of pipe, span of supports & temperature of the fluids travelling in the pipeline.

The range of density varies from 100 Kg/cum to 350 Kg/cum. Under special circumstances density can be customized to 500 Kg/cum as per the application.

Application of PUF supports

#   Distribute the load at each support point as per the span.

#   Easy installation as compared to conventional materials.

#   Impart insulation at support points.

GLOBE manufacturing process has unique feature to provide strength &  increase the density during the molding process by consuming extra material & increase the cell structure as also strengthening other physical properties.

Though these supports are applied & used as separate single unit but can also be welded in case of riser & anchor supports.

Product details

#   GLOBE PUF supports are available in size of 15 mm & above.

#   Insulation thickness available are 25 mm & above.

#   Length available is 25 mm & above.

#   Density available is 100 Kg/cum to 500 Kg/cum 


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