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PUF Spray Underdeck Insulation Pics

PUF Spray Underdeck Insulation Pics


This process is prevalent & preferred in Industrial sheds with metallic (Profiled / Corrugated) roofing sheets. Since it is difficult to spray PUF on outside surface (Which is to be made UV resistant with some polymer), the same is done from below after the sheets are fixed on Trusses, Purlins & Rafters.

The objective is to stop heat transfer from outside where the surface temperature of roofing sheet is 5-7 degrees more than the atmospheric temperature & to achieve optimum temperature inside working arena.

It also find utility & application in Studios & other sensitive work places where it helps in minimizing the Resonance, Reverberations & Noise effect caused by incessant rain falling on roofing sheets to maintain required acoustic levels of less than 80 db (Decibels).

  • Cost Effective
  • Endless life & Durable
  • Fire Resistant & Safe
  • Plugs Joints & Overlaps of Sheets

PUF Pouring in pipelines ( Brine ,  Chilled water and sub zero temperature )


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