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Puf Spray Overdeck Insulation

Puf Spray Overdeck Insulation

Spray Foaming on RCC roofs ( OVERDECK INSULATION )

  1. OVERDECK INSULATION (Spray Foaming)

As maximum heat (Approx. 75 %) is transferred thru the roof, it is imperative to insulate the RCC roof top surface. Since it is in liquid state when sprayed with the machine, it manages to reach all the corners to plug any cracks & joints thus forming a seamless & joint less surface having more than 95 % closed cell structure resulting in least heat transfer resulting in substantial energy saving.

It thus supersedes & is a preferred choice of insulation material for its fire retarding properties as compared to EPS, XPS or Styrofoam which has many surface joints while laying.

Since PUF is not UV (Ultraviolet) resistant, it needs to be covered with some Polymeric membrane like APP, EMA, EMB (Elastomeric membranes). Due to its Excellent Strength (Compressive, Tensile & Shearing), it can easily take load of Concrete, Tiling or any other conventional material required as finishing surface of roof top.

Characteristics, Advantages & Application

  • Seamless / Joint less surface : Minimal heat transfer.
  • Long life & Durable.
  • Fire retarding & Safe
  • Cost Effective.
  • Emits no gas on burning


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