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Puf Slabs

Puf Slabs

For proper insulation of Linear / Flat surfaces like Tanks, Ceiling etc, GLOBE PUF slabs / sheets are the most versatile materials.

Whilst retaining all the qualities like better thermal insulation, its physical endurance to load & impact is also appreciably high.

Characteristics, Advantages & Application

#   Fire resistant

#   Anti Fungal & Anti Bacterial.

#   Resistant to Water & Moisture.

#    Excellent Insulation properties.

#   Versatile temperature range.

Product details

#   Available in standard size of 1000 mm X 500 mm.

#   Insulation thickness 15 mm & above.

#   Density 36 Kg/cum

#   Ideal for temperature -120 deg to +100 deg : Normal PUR

                                           -200 deg to +130 deg : PIR

Available in following outer facing

#   Bare / Natural surface.

#   Aluminium foil

#   Craft paper.

#   Bituminised paper.

Best suited for Application

#   Underdeck roof insulation.

#   Cold store- Walls

#   False Ceiling insulation.


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