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Cold Room Installation

COLD Room │CLEAN Room Insulation : Supply and Installation


GLOBE PUF Panels with rigid PUF sandwiched between two metallic skins (Outer surfaces), duly ribbed for strength & better adhesion is ideal Pre-Fabricated insulated material to stop Heat transfer.

For speedy erection of site offices, Cold rooms, Clean rooms & Industrial sheds, the CFC free PUF- Wall & Roofing panels are available in normal PUR & PIR (Polyisocyanurate)- Fire retarding grade material for outer walls, Partition walls, Ceiling & Roof.

GLOBE PUF panels are best suited for multiple applications & helps save energy thus imparting Green Building Effect & helps stop depletion of OZONE layer

Characteristics & Advantages

#   Lowest Thermal Conductivity & best K-value of 0.02 BTU/CUM

#   Maintenance Free, Excellent Aesthetics &  Elegant looks.

#   Rapid Installation & Dismantling – Saves time.

#   Excellent Load bearing capacity.

#   Long Life & Durable – Can be used multiple times.

#   Fire Retarding – Safe


For outstanding finish & to avoid gaps in vertical joints of PUF walls, GLOBE PUF panels are available in Tongue & Groove finish to ensure tightness, better finish & minimum heat transfer.

Installation time is also drastically reduced & any error due to workmanship at site is eliminated.

Range of Outer skin of Panels

GLOBE Wall & Floor PUF panels are available in following permutations & combination of outer skin materials:

#   PPGI (Pre-painted Galvanised Iron) sheet.

#   G.I. Sheet

#   Stainless Steel sheet (SS)

#   Aluminium Sheet / Foil

#   Marine Plyboard (Waterproof)

#   FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic)


#   Walls & Outer Partitions

#   Roof & Ceilings

#   Cold rooms & Clean rooms

#   Portable Cabins & Guard rooms

#   Temporary Site offices


Mineralwool / Glasswool sandwiched in outer metallic skins finds application where  heat transfer due to higher temperatures is to be stopped.

It is manufactured using Fiberous material made out of 6 micron diameter Fibre in vertical shape of desired thickness. The material is pressed between metallic outer skins laminated with a special adhesive.

Characteristics, Advantage & Application

#   Excellent load bearing capacity

#   Rapid installation & dismantling.

#   Maintenance free,Long life & Durable

#   Tongue & Groove Installation

#   Excellent Insulation – minimum heat transfer   

#   Fire Resistant properties.

Application of Mineralwool Panels

#   Worker’s cabins / Colonies at site.

#   Enclosures for high temperature Ovens / Heat treatment plants.

#   Wall & Roofing panel available in 50 mm & 75 mm thickness.

Floor Insulation of Cold rooms

  • PUF Doors – Sliding and Hinged openable